About Us

PayAnyFee is the product of Detecvision Technologies Private Limited.

Our Goal is to become a preferred online platform in the education sector.

We Aim at eliminating all the hassles concerned with fee management.

Our Philosophy Pay any fee, hassle free.


Being the only provider of payment solutions that cater specifically, but entirely to the educational domain, PayAnyFee is leaving no stone unturned to grow into the most preferred fee management tool for both parents and institutions.


While fee payment solutions are just the beginning of a revolutionary dawn, PayAnyFee aims to be an ERP Umbrella in the near future. Our team is incessantly working to integrate essential set of features like GPS, RFIDs, communication channel between teachers & parents, performance monitoring and much more into the existing product and become the sole management tool for parents and institutions, connecting every possible sphere of possibilities.

A Unique Approach, Tailored for Superior Performance

We might be a web development and designing company on papers but we are more comfortable in calling us a bunch of twitchily curious and fanatical people trying to redefine the definitions of development and designing as per the old stashed books on your shelves.

Since 2010, the year when Detecvision materialized into existence, right out of a vivid dream, we have tried to bring a breakthrough in the work culture through our unique and innovative approach of managing work stuff. When the turbulently evolving technology is taking the world through a storm, tools change even before the blink of an eye. Work culture is what rows you safely through it and helps you in embracing the transformation without a fatigue.

The years long services for our clients and satiating all their requirements in a manner that returns with appreciation and encouraging testimonials, we have emerged out as a shining sun in that furious storm. Showing the right path to the service seekers and offering them warmth in the chaos of choices and confusions is one of our prime objectives.


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