A plethora of benefits for institutions

Online Fee Collections

Every fee included in your institution can be paid online by parents using PayAnyFee. It reduces the load of record managementand eliminates all the paperwork involved. In addition, it enhances the reach of the institutes because every parent needs convenience and PayAnyFee can be an excellent medium even with distant learning.

Offline Collection Centers

Some parents might not able to access online payment facilities due to myriad issues like no internet connectivity, net banking issues etc. To counter that, we are allowing offline collection of fee payments that can be made at 2000 different collection centers all over India.

Automated Fee Requests

You can input the fee amount for an entire year and make use of automated fee requests to inform the parents regarding it. It significantly reduces the hassles involved in making repeated or regular fee demands.

Online/Offline Fee Tracking

PayAnyFee allows you to track online fee payments, offline fee payments and payments made at school fee counter separately and proceed with reconciliation. It empowers you to analyze the mode of payments used by the parents for depositing the fees.

Banking and Reconciliation for Multiple Accounts

If you have different bank accounts to collect fees from different departments (tuition fee, bookstore fee, uniform fee etc.), PayAnyFeeallows easy and automatic settlements to multiple accounts. Financial reconciliations are made easier and hassle-free. You can also track the break down of the settlements for each account separately.

Parental Engagement

Integrated email and SMS facilities allow you to send fee reminders and other notifications directly to the parents bridging the communication gap between schools and parents.

Online Reports

PayAnyFee provides you with the following reports that can be viewed and/or exported any time you want:

  • Online collection reports.
  • Offline collection reports with brief details describing the modes of payment.
  • Outstanding reports detailing the due amount.
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly transaction reports.
  • Transaction history for a particular student.

Handy Tools

In addition to all the above-mentioned benefits, PayAnyFee extends the list of features to offer you some handy tools that can assist you in performing some important actions.

  • Levying of the late fee is possible whenever you want it.
  • You can customize the amount payable by a particular student as per the need.
  • You have the power to select the required students together and send them a reminder for the outstanding dues.
  • Dedicated support panel for all sorts of transaction related queries.
  • Easy reconciliation of all the collections at PayAnyFee as well as at your school counter.
  • Detailed MIS generation.
  • Records can be exported for syncing with your existing ERP platform.


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